Boosting Complex

Blend a Boosting Complex into your Revitalizing Facial Cream formula for an enhanced, multi-benefit treatment that effectively targets your skin's unique needs.

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Recovery Complex:
Intense recovery to visibly replenish dehydrated, fatigued skin, & restore radiance.
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Product Benefits

Blend a Boosting Complex in as you make your Revitalizing Facial Cream to enhance your formula with even more benefits!

A highly-concentrated collection of Essential Oils & Potent Botanical Extracts combine with your Revitalizing Facial Cream’s powerful Anti-Aging formula to form an enhanced, multi-benefit skincare treatment that's perfectly tailored to your skin's unique needs.

Your Boosting Complex arrives expertly formulated & freshly sealed in a protective glass micro-vial, ready to blend into your Revitalizing Facial Cream.

Discover the benefits of each Boosting Complex below.

How to Use

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Your Boosting Complex is designed to be blended into your Revitalizing Facial Cream formula as the Facial Cream is being freshly-made.

When do I add my Boosting Complex to my Revitalizing Facial Cream?
You Make Fresh at Home: Simply blend your Boosting Complex in while making your Kit.
Freshly-Made for You: Your Revitalizing Facial Cream will arrive with your Boosting Complex perfectly-blended into your Facial Cream formula.

Recovery Complex

A restorative collection of Botanical Squalane, Evening Primrose, & Essential Oil of Sage provide intense recovery, visibly replenishing dehydrated, fatigued skin & restoring radiance.

  • ✓ Replenish suppleness
  • ✓ Restore radiance
  • ✓ Reverse visible signs fatigue

Key Recovery Extracts

Botanical Squalane ExtractBotanical Squalane
Gently distilled from the oil of ripe olives, this rich emollient has a near skin-identical structure that is known to prevent moisture loss while replenishing hydration, smoothing & brightening the skin.

Evening Primrose ExtractEvening Primrose
Pressed from the seeds of the Evening Primrose plant, this Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) rich extract has been harnessed for centuries for its restorative ability to nourish and protect skin cells, improving elasticity and diminishing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Essential Oil of SageEssential Oil of Sage
Steam distilled from fresh sage leaves, this essential oil is packed with Polyphenols and Rosmarinic Acid, potent antioxidants known to reverse the signs of aging.

Soothing Complex

A soothing blend of Organic Calendula flower petals, Organic Cucumber fruit, & Roman Chamomile instantly replenishes stressed skin & visibly restores complexion balance.

  • ✓ Visibly soothe & calm skin
  • ✓ Balance complexion
  • ✓ Defend against daily environmental stressors

Key Soothing Extracts

Organic CalendulaOrganic Calendula
The petals of the Calendula flower are a staple in traditional medicines as they are known for their powerful ability to soothe & balance the appearance of the skin.

Cucumber Fruit ExtractOrganic Cucumber Fruit
Harvested from the fruit of fresh, Organic Cucumbers, this rejuvenating extract is packed with vitamins and minerals known to combat the activity of free radicals, visibly reducing puffiness & calming the skin.

Roman ChamomileEssential Oil of Roman Chamomile
One of the most ancient medicinal herbs, Chamomile flowers are rich in powerful antioxidants known to soothe, protect, & balance the complexion.


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